Our Environmental Policy

  • Ülkemizdeki çevre mevzuatına uymak ve güncelliğini sağlamak.
  • To comply with environmental legislation in our country and to ensure the currentity.
  • Ensuring measurable continuous development in every possible area related to the environment.
  • To determine the environmental dimensions, to determine the types of environmental impacts and damages.
  • To minimize pollution and wastes and to minimize the environmental impact of our hazardous wastes.
  • To encourage continuous training of employees and subcontractors and to encourage them to apply these principles.
  • In this direction, setting goals and objectives and reviewing each year to explain the progress.
  • In the light of these principles, it is our “Environmental Policy to continuously apply and develop ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system.

These principles will be announced to the public by means of communication facilities and will be open to public opinion.

Mahmut Ali UZUNAL